Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board provides suggestions about possible projects, points to funding opportunities, connects us with same-minded individuals, and provides guidance.

They each come from diverse disciplinary backgrounds, and bring a wealth of experience and understanding in cultural and non-profit matters. We have especially sought people who are based in the Caribbean, but also people who are based in the U.S. but who have Caribbean interests in their heart.

We are grateful for their kind participation and for generously providing their time and expertise.

Dr. Leon Dash (Urbana-Champaign, IL)
Professor: Journalism; Center for Advanced Study; African American Studies; Research Program Professor, of African Studies; Institute of Government and Public Affairs

Dr. Schuyler Esprit (Dominica)
Founder and Director, Create Caribbean Research Institute at Dominica State College

Dr. Alex Gill (New York)
Digital Scholarship Coordinator for the Humanities and History Division, Columbia University Libraries

Peter Hall (Barbados)
Partner, LPD Hall & Associates; ASPIRE Foundation

Dr. Tara Inniss (Barbados)
Lecturer in History, UWI Cave Hill

Dr. Rebecca Jefferson (Gainesville, FL)
Director and Librarian, Price Judaica Library, University of Florida; Jewish Diaspora Collection

Dr. Paulette Kerr (Jamaica)
Head, Department of Library and Information Studies, UWI Mona

Dr. Laurie Taylor (Gainesville, FL)
Digital Scholarship Librarian; Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC) Digital Scholarship Director, University of Florida

Dr. Keith Tinker (Bahamas)
Director of Museums, Antiquities, Monuments, and Museum Corporation