Did you know that many wonderful cultural heritage projects do not happen because institutions lack funds or specialized staff to realize them?

You can make a difference by funding worthwhile projects that will have an impact both in Barbados, as well as in the Caribbean. Your funds will be strictly used for covering time spent working on the project. We will not use your funds to cover overheads or running costs. We will compensate students and staff in equitable and ethical ways.

You will know that your funds make a difference by helping

  • Organizations to realize their vision and enrich the life of their community
  • Students to learn through involvement with cultural heritage projects, while gaining work experience and transferable skills
  • Complete valuable work with cultural heritage at risk in the region
  • Disadvantaged populations (e.g., differently abled individuals) that have no other source of income

We can work with you to:

  • Locate projects that fit your vision, expectations and guidelines
  • Ensure that your funds have been put in good use and are meticulously accounted for
  • Manage and deliver the projects in a timely manner

Your funding can bring life to museum, library and archival collections through projects such as:

  • Processing uncatalogued collections or updating existing inventories
  • Digitization of collections
  • “Teaching with Special Collections”
  • Development of physical or digital exhibits
  • Digital public history projects

Please write or call us to discuss with us how you can make a difference!