What We Do

HeritEdge-logo_v5-transparent-05Our Mission

Our mission is to promote access to tangible and intangible heritage in Barbados and the Caribbean by connecting people, resources, and institutions through educational and cultural initiatives. We are a non-profit organization that specializes in facilitating synergies and collaborations around diverse projects by bringing together cultural heritage institutions, grant-making agencies and people.

HeritEdge was established in February 2018.


What We Do: HeritEdge for All

We help cultural heritage institutions, grant-making agencies and people come together around projects that would not otherwise be possible. We specialize in seeking grants, developing proposals, and managing projects in the cultural heritage sector.

Most cultural heritage organizations (1) have many projects but limited resources (funds, time, or staff) as well as the knowledge and experience to dedicate for this purpose. On the other hand, many grant-making agencies (2) have available funds and want to channel them to accountable organizations and projects that will make a difference. Furthermore, there are high school and university students, retirees, and cultural enthusiasts (3) that have time and skills to offer and would directly benefit from initiatives that reinforce local capacity building.

1) We help institutions

2) We work with grant-making agencies

3) We mobilize people


How We Do It

We start by listening to you. We identify needs: needs of an institution, needs of a collection, needs of a group of people. We work together with you to understand what will work best.

We work with three “pools”:

1) Pool of projects:

2) Pool of grant-making agencies:

3) Pool of people: