Do you want to earn course credit and do internships (paid and unpaid), while gaining knowledge, work experience and transferable skills?

We are particularly keen to develop local capacity. We break down projects in specific chunks of work and turn them into tailored internships for high school, undergraduate or master’s students who want to gain experience, by practicing transferable 21st century skills. We guide students at every step of the way: we clarify targets at the beginning of the internship; we review their performance regularly and provide them with feedback. Students not only get to do an internship, but gain project management experience and will feel they contributed to the success of a project.

How we seek students and hourly personnel:

  1. HeritEdge assesses need for student-assistants for a cultural heritage project.
  2. Through a call, we receive applications, evaluate for fit, and conduct interview.
  3. Once the student is hired for the project, they first receive a 2-hour training regarding details of the project; expectations about job performance; and criteria for assessment.
  4. Students are mentored and guide one-to-one by our personnel. Mentoring is hands-on, and we will be working together with students.
  5. At the end of the project, students receive a 2-hour review and feedback session.

Sample tasks include:

  • Processing a collection (compile inventory and/or finding aid)
  • Researching a collection
  • Doing data entry into a database
  • Developing an exhibit (physical or digital)
  • Digitizing a collection
  • Contributing to a Digital Humanities project
  • Writing a biography or a Wikipedia page
  • Conducting an oral history